Ue-Shita ウエシタ
size : front wide(フロント横幅) 145mm
lens wide(レンズ幅) 51mm
nose wide (鼻幅)20mm
temple (テンプル長)145mm

 The concept model of the 5th anniversary has been reproduced.
As the name suggests, it is a spectacle frame with a distinctive design that is divided into upper and lower parts. The shape that looks like the 5th anniversary "5" is tilted and inverted is a seemingly unbalanced design, but by aligning the half-cut position of the frame horizontally and adjusting the volume of the frame on the left and right, the impact when wearing it is suppressed.

The factory has high technology and skillful craftsmen. Made in Sabae, Japan





Ue-Shta "Mosaic"col.158 [black smoke / black]

Ue-Shta "Mosaic" col.159 [brown gray / demi]