size : front wide 145mm
lens wide 52mm
nose wide 18mm
temple 147mm

In Japanese, the right is called "Migi". As the name implies, the asymmetrical design looks like the right half is joined to the right half. The shape of the lens is the same on the left and right (not inverted). The design is asymmetrical to the left and right, but by adjusting the left and right volume, the balance when worn is harmonized. The frames are made in the factory of Sabae, Japan. The factory has high technology and skillful craftsmen.



Migimigi col.150 [mat gray / black]  Sold Out

Migimigi col.151 [brown half / dark green]

Migimigi col.152 [ethnic / black]  Sold Out

Migimigi col.153 [amethyst / blue spot]