Gibbon ギボン
size : front wide(フロント横幅)137mm
lens wide(レンズ幅)47mm
nose wide(鼻幅)22mm

The origin of the name is inspired by the traditional Japanese asymmetric hairstyle "Shichisan". Above the eyes are the eyebrows and bangs. Since the bangs are asymmetrical and natural, I thought that even if the upper half of the glasses were asymmetrical, they would be in harmony with the eyebrows and bangs. The factory has high technology and skillful craftsmen. Made in Sabae, Japan.



Gibbon col.155 [clear gray / milky brown]

Gibbon col.164 [brown demi / yellow demi]

Gibbon col.165 [dark green / demi]

Gibbon col.166 [gray gradation / dark gray]