The design of PADMA IMAGE creates unusual feelings


PADMA IMAGE’s design concept is “pursuit of sense”.

The eyewear collections are simple design and give a wearer rare

feelings about the shapes and colors. In this minimum era,

PADMA IMAGE dares to suggest the special “unusual feelings” by adding functionally unnecessary features and breaking the common sense.

Create valuable designs


PADMA IMAGE creates new design by using the existing technology

rather than looking for the new technology.

PADMA IMAGE produces the frames only in the factory of Sabae, Japan.

The factory has high mechanical skills and skillful craftsmen.

The frames are made by machines and the craftsmen’s hands.

The craftsmen play an important role in the process of production.

The craftsmen polish the details of a frame and create

the smooth and glossy surface of the frame.



PADMA IMAGE’s asymmetry collection has the top line designed asymmetrically.

The design is inspired by hairstyle.

It is natural that hairstyle is asymmetrical.

Asymmetrical top line harmonizes with the hairstyle and the design gives us

moderate unusual feelings when the top line overlaps eyebrows or front hair.

The flow of the line is based on the the flow of water or cloud.


PADMA IMAGE has geometry collection.

The collection especially studies polygon.

Temple ends of the collection have round or square shapes.

The first model of the geometry collection is

very sharp and creates a strong impression.